Skin tightening, lifting and a reduction in pores

The PRX-T33® – No needles biorevitalizer is an innovative “reverse” peeling which almost does not affect the surface layer of the skin (read: NO PEELING!), and therefore does not require a long recovery period.

This means that it not only removes the toughened skin, but penetrates deep inside, acts on the epidermal skin layer down to the basal layer, stimulating it to actively renew and regenerate.

Due to the unique composition of PRX-T33®, the solution very quickly, almost instantly penetrates to the dermis, activating all the processes of skin regeneration/renewal. However, it does not damage the epidermis at all!

The PRX-T33® is an improved formula of the trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel. It’s a reverse peel that doesn’t make you peel!

What are indications for use of PRX-T33?

• Acne

• Loss of firmness in face or chest

• Post-inflammatory spots after acne

• Atrophic scars

• Stretching at various depths

• Skin hypopigmentation

• Seborrheic dermatitis

• Hyperkeratosis of facial skin

• Prevention/treatment of skin photo aging

Advantages of PRX-T33?

The procedure is painless and there is an absence of rehabilitation time (on the skin there is no peeling, redness, or edema. It is suitable for all skin types, and there are no age restrictions. Pronounced bright effect after the very first session persists for a long time.  

Is it painful?

During the procedure, you may feel tingling or stinging; sensations should be tolerable – this is normal. After the PRX-T33® procedure, a slight pink hue may occur. It will disappear in about half an hour.. 

How many procedures are recommended?

• For skin tightening – 1 session every 7 days, 4 sessions.

• For signs of photoaging – 1 session every 7 days, 4 sessions.

• For pigmentation (chloasma) – 1 session every 20 days until the pigmentation disappears.

• For atrophic (indented) scars – spot treatment of scars until the skin is completely smooth. The number of procedures depends on the severity of the scars.

• For stretch marks – 1 session every 7 days for 4-10 weeks.

• For acne – 1 session every 7 days, 5-6 sessions.

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