Enjoy anti-aging benefits while you relax, rejuvenate and your body replenishes

Intravenous therapy (IV) is the process of delivering concentrated levels of vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption. These nutrients bypass the stomach and go directly to your vital organs. Levels in the body are restored and making you feel and look younger faster than as if you were to take supplements or apply a facial cream! It is an effective solution to boost body hydration, regeneration, and healing – it enables quick recovery times and helps our patients overcome challenges to their health. Rejuvenation that comes from a tiny needle makes this experience positive, laying a foundation for a long-term, healthy journey

Our IV lounge offers many different bags with customized vitamins, minerals, amino acids, iron, and botanicals to supercharge your body’s natural functions. You can choose between our fast track and intravenous full support options. Intravenous nutrients can be safe for almost anyone who is in need of extra support or to optimize performance!

Looking for a faster boost? We also offer Vitamin Injections (or Nutrient Shots) services, just ask about our injection bar menu!

What are the benefits of Nutritional Therapy?

• Anti-aging benefits

• Increase energy levels

• Hydration & healing

• Improve intestinal absorption

• Recovery or preparation of athletic events

• Cold or flu support

• Optimize iron status

• Cancer support

• Mood balancing

Who can benefit?

Anyone pre and post workout, especially those times when you over-do it. The morning after the night before after indulging. Or anytime when you feel generally rundown, or have the blahs.

IV nutritional therapies are popular and effective anti-aging treatments used by celebrities and anyone wanting to combat or reduce the harsh signs of aging. Nutritional IV therapy contains a high-dose of the top antioxidant glutathione as well as vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium to improve the appearance of hair, nails, and skin and to helps detoxify the body from the body’s aging enemy, free radicals.

How long does it take?

Treatments can take 1-1.5 hours depending on your treatment. Low on time, but feel like you need a nutrient boost? Our Fast Track IV nutrient bags and shots will only keep you in the chair for 20-30 minutes. 

What are the benefits?

Drip Bars have become one of the most buzzed about wellness and anti- aging treatments. At Functional Health Clinic and Nurse Nicole offices, our team PA and RN-C customize IV hydration and vitamin solutions to help you feel your best and treat a number of ailments. We also offer injections.

The vast majority of people do not consume the amount of hydration, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need. IV infusions bypass our gut and allow 100% absorption into our bloodstream, making us feel better while supporting our immunity, helping with hangovers, improving chronic illness, muscle injuries, jet lag and more.

Aging Well is Our Mission


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